Updated 05/11/2020

The COVIDSafe Plan has been developed to support businesses to safely reopen, maintain a COVIDSafe workplace, and prepare for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace. 

Alton Phoenix COVIDSafe Plan 

These practice and standards must be followed by staff and attendees. It is not negotiable and any breach of these standards may result in dismissal or removal from club facilities immediately. We must ensure everyone is safe - this is not about one persons needs its about keeping EVERYONE safe. If you see anyone not complying to the rules set please advise a coach or staff member immediately.


  1. Ensure physical distancing

    1. You must ensure workers and visitors are 1.5m apart as much as possible. 

  2. Wear a face covering

    1. Facemasks must be worn by all staff, parents or children aged above 13 years old at all times on and around the ground.

    2. Players can remove masks during training sessions and games.

    3. The club will provide masks PPE for anyone that does not have a mask

    4. Failure to wear a mask means you must the leave the area of the club.

  3. Practise good hygiene

    1. Wash your hands after and before practice.

    2. Ensure you sneaze into your elbow 

  4. Scan the QR Code on arrival at the club. (This includes staff , parents and seniors)

    1. Make sure you log into ​

  5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

    1. Reduce the amount of time anyone is in close proximity in an enclosed space. 

    2. Avoid using teh club room for prolonged activities

    3. If you have to make sure there are open windows and airflow

    4. Try and use outdoor space when possible for group activities.